Ideas and Passion

Learned a lesson recently which I thought I’d document for posterity.

I have lots of ideas. We all have lots of ideas. Getting from idea to an actual product that is properly marketed and sold and money being made from it, is a HUGE chasm. An incredible amount of work needs to go into making it. I recently realized that an idea I was perusing died early on because I realized that I wasn’t that thrilled about it. If still feels like a great idea, but I’m not that passionate about it.

Lesson 1:
– Only follow through on ideas that you are SUPER passionate about. Any less passion will see you stall at the first step of hardship.

Lesson 2:
– Don’t worry about others stealing your idea. Since it is such a huge labor of love and investment of time and money, nobody else will pull this off. Nobody else will have the same excitement and see the potential of your idea the way that you feel about it.

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Focus, or lack there of

Feeling very… No focus this week.

There are many projects that i want to work ok but it all feels overwhelming for some reason. Do i need to plan better? Is that what keeps me on track? Identify all small tasks so i don’t have to think when needing something to work on?

Maybe the planning is more for the times when focus is list then when all is going well

This week so far (it’s tuesday) I’ve been rather scattered brained. Not able to focus, and procrastination is constantly chomping to grab my attention. I have been up late a bunch of nights last weekend, and I think I’m just tired. Regardless of the reason, this gave me an opportunity to reflect on how to deal with these types of situations in the future.
How do I manage myself so that when these times do come, I am more prepared to stay on target and avoid procrastination

I don’t have answers. Just confusion and disappointment as i can’t figure this out.

Future of 360deg video

Ever since I bought the HTC Vive, I’ve been very interested in the current methods of capturing moments that can then be re-played back at a future time.
There is of course 360deg video, which gives you a flat spherical 2D image/video of the world around the subject at the time of recording. One better is 3D spherical video which gives 2 separate 2D video streams (one for each eye) to give you the feeling of immersion, by providing your brain with depth information due to giving each eye a separate image.
And that’s it.  Well there’s video games, but that’s not really a recording.

Part of the immersion that VR gives you is the ability to see the VR space from your own perspective. Being able to look around is one ingredient to the immersion. Another layer to that is the ability to translate oneself laterally (move around) the environment.

I want to record the moment as a three dimensional scan of the environment. Upon playback you are afforded not just 360deg view but also ability to move around the scene to view the moment from different angles. And what if the moment captured wasn’t a snapshot in time, but rather many moments captured sequentially (like the frames of a movie) through which one could navigate and watch from any perspective?

This would not be a ‘video’ stream per say, but rather a data stream of three dimensional polygon data that would then be reconstructed at the time of playback.

Now the question is, how to accomplish this… …to be continued.


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Server upgrade path

I was recently exploring what my options were for upgrading the CPUs of my main server. Currently it’s running dual E5-2670 CPUs, each housing 8 cores (16 threads), 115W max TDP, on an ASRock EP2C602 motherboard. This motherboard will support up to v2 of the LGA2011 cpu socket. The v3 and v4 versions need a new mobo, so my choices are limited to v1 or v2 CPUs.
I’ve been using the data from to compare CPU performances. Below are a list of CPUs and their rated performance. To equalize things, I’ve created another column to compare per core performance, which is what games typically care more about. Read More

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Why I’m not doing that i should be

I’ve noticed for some time now that for some projects i have no problem pushing through difficult times while others i get hung up and stall.

I’ve always ignored and set aside those stalls to pursue the next project that felt easier. I never sat down to reflect on why those projects stall and ultimately never go anywhere.

They stall because of one of two reasons:

1. I get to a point where my knowledge is so limited that i don’t know where to go for help.

2. I am too frugal to hire help, because i don’t know how that help will bring a return on my investment.

It’s the uncertainty that comes when you are faced with an unknown.

I always thought of myself as quite resourceful and able to overcome any barrier, but in retrospect, in some situations I’ve been lying to myself. I am not as strong as i thought. It’s uncomfortable and even scary to take that first leap to traverse the knowledge casm. Should i invest time and money in a direction i know nothing at all? What if it doesn’t work out?

Some of the start-up business books I’ve been reading talk about the founder and CEO running the business by the seat of his pants at times and being scared and even terrified about the uncertainty of what direction to go next. Especially when the business is not doing well and decisions are made with less then optimal information. What I’m experiencing is likely a small fraction of what they were feeling.

I think i just have to trust that everything will all work out. Spend the money, close the technical or knowledge gap and see where the cards sit afterwords. Either way, it will certainly be a learning experience.

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New NAS build-Tests

Finally ready to put together a new NAS system. One NAS that I can tune for max performance, and am not rushed to move all the data over (like had happened with every other version in the past).

The hardware used is a dual CPU system running E5-2670 CPUs each with 8 cores/16 threads, for a total of 32 threads, and 32 gigs ram. This may seem like overkill for a NAS, and it is if I was only using this system as a NAS. However I will be using this box as a Virtual Machine and Docker host, so the majority of the resources will go to the VMs and Docker apps.
For software I am running UnRaid 6.3.2 (as of this writing 07 Feb 2017). I’ve enjoyed using it as a NAS in the past and recently the capability to run VMs on it makes it that much more attractive.

Read More

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Meditation thoughts

I’ve been meditating on and off for a few years now (Headspace tells me I’ve done 63 hours), but i still feel like I’ve no idea what I’m doing.

As unbiased as Andy (Headspace) makes all his sessions, i still feel there being an expectation.

Granted that this expectation is mine and i know i should not have expectations about my performance, but i can’t help it.

I still often feel like I’m such s beginner.  I have difficulty maintaining the curiosity in the exercises, mind often wonders for most of the exercise, and that only leaves me feeling.

These feelings do not instill confidence that I’m getting better. Often, the only reason i continue the meditation session is because i promised myself i would, and i know they are adding value and stability to my mental health. Not because I’m enjoying them. Not because there’s clear improvement.

Discouraging… I know. But i will persist with hopes that this feeling diminishes.

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Building shelves

I needed to make a bunch of repeatable cuts is a few pieces of wood in order to turn on into a shelving unit. The difficulty lies in making many cuts at consistent distance from each other.

Solution: 3D print a set of spacers.

A set of spacers were designed and printed which would index themselves in the previous cut and guide the circular saw to make the next cut.