Feeling very… No focus this week.

There are many projects that i want to work ok but it all feels overwhelming for some reason. Do i need to plan better? Is that what keeps me on track? Identify all small tasks so i don’t have to think when needing something to work on?

Maybe the planning is more for the times when focus is list then when all is going well

This week so far (it’s tuesday) I’ve been rather scattered brained. Not able to focus, and procrastination is constantly chomping to grab my attention. I have been up late a bunch of nights last weekend, and I think I’m just tired. Regardless of the reason, this gave me an opportunity to reflect on how to deal with these types of situations in the future.
How do I manage myself so that when these times do come, I am more prepared to stay on target and avoid procrastination

I don’t have answers. Just confusion and disappointment as i can’t figure this out.

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