I’ve noticed for some time now that for some projects i have no problem pushing through difficult times while others i get hung up and stall.

I’ve always ignored and set aside those stalls to pursue the next project that felt easier. I never sat down to reflect on why those projects stall and ultimately never go anywhere.

They stall because of one of two reasons:

1. I get to a point where my knowledge is so limited that i don’t know where to go for help.

2. I am too frugal to hire help, because i don’t know how that help will bring a return on my investment.

It’s the uncertainty that comes when you are faced with an unknown.

I always thought of myself as quite resourceful and able to overcome any barrier, but in retrospect, in some situations I’ve been lying to myself. I am not as strong as i thought. It’s uncomfortable and even scary to take that first leap to traverse the knowledge casm. Should i invest time and money in a direction i know nothing at all? What if it doesn’t work out?

Some of the start-up business books I’ve been reading talk about the founder and CEO running the business by the seat of his pants at times and being scared and even terrified about the uncertainty of what direction to go next. Especially when the business is not doing well and decisions are made with less then optimal information. What I’m experiencing is likely a small fraction of what they were feeling.

I think i just have to trust that everything will all work out. Spend the money, close the technical or knowledge gap and see where the cards sit afterwords. Either way, it will certainly be a learning experience.

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