Impressions of the 350D Rebel XT after the Marocco trip


I am _very_ happy. The camera is responsive, fast, and the smaller size (then the 300D) bother me one bit. In fact I llike it since it’a that much easier to conceal.

At first I was a little apprehansive about the ISO selection being on the LCD screen, but got used to it.

The startup time is fantastic. Many a case did that come in handy where I would pich the shutter 1/2 way to bring the camera from hybernation, and it would be ready to shoot right away.

As for the 17-85mm IS EFS lens, also lots of good things to say about it. The 17-85mm reach is just right. Since I also have the 75-300mm, the 10mm overlap was perfect. On the negative side, I didn’t use the IS as much as I thought I would. Since most of the shooting is done in daylight hours with plenty of sun to get decent shutter speeds, I found myself turning it off most of the time just to conserver battery life, which was noticebly shorter with the IS on.
The IS also sometimes gave an unwanted pause between shutter button push and image taken, likely due to the IS spooling up.

All in all however I am quite happy with the combo (350D and 17-85mm)

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