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Spa site: different page styles

One change that I thought of recently is the ability to specify a page style for each page, so the site can consist of several different pages styles.
All this of course is stored in the DB, and it will eliminate the need to have separate index.php, index2.php, indexX.php pages.
This came about from the fact that I wanted a different look to the “Specials” pages.

List of styles:
01 – First welcome page. Just content in the center. No side menu. Only top menu with no options selected.
02 – Regular site page. Left menu, with content on right.
03 – Specials page. Menu on left, and content on right but content has different look.

future styles?
xx – Photo gallery page?
xx –
How to implement this?
The main index.php file is a template file that describes the entire page, minus the center ‘content’ portion.
That center ‘content’ portion calls up different php function depending on what page style is called.

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