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Archiving photos

I’ve been thinking about how to archive my photos, for a wile now.
Do I keep the RAW file? Should I just keep 16bit PNG/Tiffs instead? What about the RAW editor that created the file that stores the changes to the image?
Also, how to keep myself and my wife happy, with high resolution images that she can view on her laptop, but don’t take a lot of time to view wirelessly.

So I think I’ve decided on a solution.

Keep the RAW files, with the accompanying .bib file that Bibble creates to store the modification data.
Monthly move data that is older then 1 year old to a separate folder that should get backed up, and then erased off the computer.

When working on images, and time comes to save them, save a “Proof” jpeg file which is 1024×786 resolution, and a “Full” jpeg file which is the full resolution.
The file name convention should be:
This should allow for chronological sorting of files.

When images are copied from the camera, they are put in the “Unsorted” folder.
In Bibble, “Download” the files from the Unsorted folder to the appropriate location like I currently do.

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