Booksmart in Linux

Followed the instructions on Leuc’s site to get version Booksmart 1.9.8 working on linux.
Got the patch.
First try was using the mac dmg file. Extracted the contents, and tried running the command that Leuc has on the site. but no luck. Then I read about the problems with 64bit java.
Meanwhile I also install the Win version on a win machine and copy the lib and resources folders, hoping that things would work. No luck again.

So after some fiddling with installing only the 32bit versions of java on a 64bit OpenSuse 11.0 machine, I got it working. Shocking! I know. I was impressed. That just means I gotta get off my ass and make the Morocco book. And the baby book.

Some notes:
When changing to 32bit version of Java 1.6, it seems to install java 1.5 also. But it installs the 64 bit version, so that then needs to be told to install the 32bit version, which in turn brings up some other dependancies. I didn’t bother with those dependancies.

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