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Spa website: more planning

Implement this.

With the above implementation should likely come a few extra types of classes of data.
The only problem with adding more types of data is that a different type of admin page needs to be written. Currently the admin page can edit the entire site, which is nice. I think the all encompassing design currently in use, is best, since it can be tailored to many different uses.

However, capability to add Specials to the site is needed.
This I think requires a bit of a re-design, since the specials’ pages need their own db table. The same method of classification (as all the other items on the site) does not really apply. Or does it…
Maybe all I need to add is a couple more fields to the the “items” table; or better yet, add another table that refers to the “items” table as it’s parent items (like the price table does).
So in the items table, I still have the main description and such, but extra information like price and dates and such can be stored in a “Specials” table.
This is the way to go.

In order to keep all the specials ads looking similar, fields in Specials description box should be:
First need to identify that all the specials/package deals are a combination of existing services that the spa offers.
The only difference is that “Specials” are “Packages” with an expiry date (even if the special is for one discounted item).
EDIT: No. There is no difference between “Specials” and “Packages”. In fact the section should be called “Specials/Packages” for that reason.
I think the very first page customers see when they go to www.totalwellbeingmedicalspa.com is the specials/package page. And if this is the very first page they see (by purely going to www.totalwellbeingmedicalspa.com) then add a header saying “welcome to Total Wellbeing Medical Spa, blah blah blah”, but remove it for subsequent views of this (specials) page.

I think 2 page styles are required. One to display the graphic flashy info, and another page that shows all the specials/packages, but with more information.
But will there be more information to be displayed? Maybe since the flashy graphic page may only have limited space for the crucial important attention grabbing info.

EDIT: One page. This will be the flashy page. It will have enough space for info and the description. The only other place the specials/package info is shown is the little box below the side menu.

The info page can/should be the regular page that is currently on the site.
The graphic fancy page should be split up into 3 columns. Each add will use one of the columns. All the ads should be text based. Maybe specify a background image? (I think this is a good idea)
EDIT: Background image may not be possible.

Also post the specials/packages in random rotation on the left side of the page, under the side menu. This would use smaller text, and only show the title and price (with footer text saying click here for more info). When clicked on it would show you the fancy graphic page.

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