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XEN/server thoughts

I have crashed the xen dom0 server again. Well not crashed, just that I can’t access the RAID5 data anymore until I reboot.
This has happened before, and is avoidable by not copying any files in dom0 to/from the RAID5 mount point. But today I got carried away, and did just that.

Anyway this has spawned thoughts or a re-organization. I have tried to install XEN 3.2, but it didn’t seem to want to start, so I chalked it up to the fact that the xen-tools-iomem files didn’t have a 3.2 version.

I briefly checked opensuse 11.0, and I think it comes with xen 3.2 (but I”m not 100% sure). So I could upgrade the opensuse 10.3 to 11.0 alpha just to test xen 3.2. I don’t know if 3.2 will fix this issue, so it seems like a pretty long shot just to test for a feature.

The other option is to move the 4 drive RAID array to a FreeNAS or OpenFiler xen virtual machine. This would be much less effort, since all that would really change is where the RAID management software resides. The base xen server software would remain intact.
This option would however require me to buy a 500gig drive to mirror the existing data, make the drive change (in software) and copy the data back, then return the HD.

The other option is to do nothing. Everything works just fine, so I just need to remember to not make this mistake again, and all will be well.

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