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Photo Editing

Just a thought about speeding up photo editing…

Or at least speeding up workflow and reducing the time to get the image displayed, by removing the network storage from the picture, at least temporarily.

Have a local mirror of the images I’m working on, so that no network traffic bottlenecks will slow down the image rendering/acquisition.

Create a mirrored copy of the images to be worked on, to the local machine (in my case the apps-server machine. this means I need more storage on that machine), and work on those files.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

– Copy images to the NAS photos/Unsorted folder (like I do anyways)
– Copy images to a local Unsorted-work folder.
– Proceed to work on the files in the Unsorted-work folder.
– Daily, have a script that will rsync all the files back to the network NAS, in a Unsorted-work folder. Keep the original dump intact in the photos/Unsorted folder.
– The rsync backup of the Unsorted-work folder will be a form of backup. Once I’m happy with all the edits, I can then move the images to their final location, and remove all the Unsorted folders.

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