Photo gear

I’ve been thinking lately about what gear I should plan on getting in the near future. The full frame 5D sounds good, but still expensive for my budget… Or get the crop 40D? What lenses?

Well, I think I’ve sorted it out in my head:

The Plan

1. Stick to consumer grade gear for now. That means, sticking with EF-S lenses, since they are relatively inexpensive compared to L glass.

2. Get a 40D to get some more creative control of my shooting. The rebel XT is quite dates, and wouldn’t ming the extra features the 40D offers. I’ll wait till the 60D hits the market, then hopefully the used market price will drop, making thepurchase of a 40D ideal.

3. Try to get photography jobs here and there. If shooting a wedding, rent the glass. If shooting other stuff, use what’s available, and make the best of it.

4. If the photo gig pans out, and starts bringing in some cash, by all means I’ll move to full frame and good glass.

So for now, get the Canon 55-250 IS lens (wait for some deal since it’s not urgent) and call it a day.  Maybe an 85 1.8 at some point.

That’s about it.
When/if the photog thing takes off, I will not be squimish about blowing $3k on a body, on $1-2k on a lens, if the return is there.

Now, hopefully if I start thinking about blowing some cash on serious camera gear, I will remember to re-read this post to remind myself of the plan.

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