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New Android phone

Recently got a Nexus One which I gave my wife, and then got myself a HTC Desire.

Wow, what a difference compared to my 2 year old HTC Dream. The HTC Dream was running a CyangenMod 6 rom, so was optimized as much as possible. However once I got a hold of a Nexus one, I knew I couldn’t go back. And I must admit that the Nexus one is not what I expected. I expected a minimal change in both performance and feel. To me, comparing the Dream and Nexus One (or Desire) is night and day.

There were a couple of things that bothered me about the Dream. First was the fact that I often had to wait for the device to do what I asked it. Not cool. And when you’re in a crunch, and want to know your location, or need to access an email, etc even waiting a few seconds (or more sometimes) feels like an eternity. From the brief usage, I have a feeling that with the Nexus one (or Desire) will not disappoint. Every operation is snappy, even running the Sense UI (on my Desire).

The other issue I had with the Dream was that 3G connectivity was un-usable. Because of the 911 bug thing, even with the upgraded radio, I would still loose connectivity at random intervals. Also not cool. I was stuck on 2G if I wanted a continuous reliable data connection.

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