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Using Suse Studio appliances

I had tried using Suse Studio appliances a while back, and didn’t have much luck with it. That was over a year ago, and honestly, I don’t remember exactly why I didn’t like it, or couldn’t get it working. I think it may have had something to do with the fact that I could not boot one of those appliances in xen or xenserver (whatever I was running at the time)

Anyway, it seems like there may be home. I came back to visit the site today, and did a bit of digging, and it seems there may be a simple way to convert the xen appliance into a Cirtix XenServer appliance. Get the python script and read the how-to here.

I will have to give this a go.

UPDATE: So I gave it a go.
After some struggling, I can report success. I have managed to get a xen vm created by suse studio to run in Citrix’s XenServer, using the script mentioned earlier.

Once the xva file is imported into xenserver (throught xen center)  I need to add “console=ttyS0 xencons=ttyS barrier=off” to the Properties > Startup options of the VM.

Currently I’m refining the one SqueezeCenter appliance VM.

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