Kinetik4 photo book details

I’ve decided on the details for the photo book. 81-120 pages seems reasonable. 35 bandsx2 pages per=70pages then 6-8 DJ pictures, + table of contents, + chapter(day) breaks (2 pages per)… certainly more then 80 pages, though less then 120.

8×10, Matte finish paper, 81-120 page.

7×7, Standard paper, 81-120 pages.


Links to refer to later:

Canadian photography law

Blurb books I came across that I liked:

MUSIC FROM THE BARRIERS | John Paul Gleason | Portfolios

 UPDATE: 10Aug2011

Up to about 113 pages in the book and that includes probably 6-8 empty pages. Expanded some band’s selection of photos so that there’s no more then 2 photos per page. Having 3 or 4 photos, shrinks the images down too much and since I have the pages to work with, keep the size as large as possible. The first page (with the artist’s title) used only one larger photo, and then subsequent pages get 2 photos per page.

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