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Setting up network shared

Now that I’m relatively happy with the network transfer speeds (would be nice if I had a 10Gb LAN; that’s cost prohibitive for now) and I think I’m able to nearly fully saturating the network with file transfers.
The next step is to figure out how the network shares should be set up/accessed. I don’t want another malware going rampant on my network and encrypting files again.
First thought was to make all network shares read only, with the exception of the user data share. The media and other long term storage doesn’t really need r/w access. I can manage those from a separate r/w share, but for every other user, they would get only read.

The user data folder is another story. The user stores their sensitive data here, and having it deleted or messed around with would be crappy. Not the end of the world, as I have a Crashplan service that backup all the user data and can be recovered at any time (even deleted files) but it’s a hassle to get to, slow to re-download the data so I am leaving this as a worse case/house burns down scenario. I’d like to have a better option to recover erased/messed up data in my house.

The ZFS feature of snapshots is fantastic. I’ve used it, and it came in handy on a few occasions. Since I’ve consolidated all the storage on one system (UnRAID) and moved away from FreeNAS, i’d like to find a way to get a similar job done in some way.

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